Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's Been a While

Well ... its been quite some time since I posted here ... and quite some time since I did any scrapbooking. Things have just been too crazy preparing for the deployment and spending time with the kids etc. With that said though, I did manage to get some pages done for Mariah recently. Here they are:

The first ... We Miss You ... is one that she is going to send to Robbie to brighten his day in Iraq.

There is another one for Robbie as well .... I like how it turned out ... here it is:

Then I did a page for her, one for Mackenzie and one for RJ. I had a lot of fun doing all of these pages, now I have to do some for us as well .. in preparation of Mitch's deployment to Iraq.
This is Mackenzie's page:

Here is the one that I did for Mariah ... I really like the words to Shedaisy's song, "Come Home Soon".

The page for RJ is cute ... I tried to get as many pictures of him and Robbie on there as I could. That way he can see his daddy every day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mission: Support Our Troops Extended

Mission: Support Our Troops!
Thank our Soldiers with a Layout
email: Gina Schwans to submit layouts for our troops
and upload them to this gallery:

Owner/Designer @ Digitals

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hummie's Hosting the DSD Tailgate Party

Just found out about Digital Scrapbooking Day being the first Saturday in November. Now there is another really cool event!
Hummie is hosting the DSD Tailgate Party. It's a party before the party!
There's going to be layouts,
prizes and much, much more. Head on over to Hummie's Blog to find out more!

Thought I might take part in this Tailgate Party also. I
am not really in a scrapping mood ... but we are supposed to share Heritage type layouts. Hummie's directions were to "Create a layout with "heirloom" photos and/or memorabilia." I decided to go back through my layouts and post some here that I haven't shared with you all yet. That was actually a fun thing to do .. going thorugh my old layouts. Here is the first one that I found. I cannot take credit for making it though ... it was shared with me by my mom. This was given to my Aunt as a Christmas gift this past year by her daughter. I really like it though, so I'm sharing it with you all here.
The next 2 layouts that I am going to share were created by me. The first is a page done using a photo of my husband's father from 1948. It is of his High School Basketball team. The second page is a wedding page. It was done using photos from 4 generations of my family members. My husband and I, My parents, My Mom's Parents and their parents.

Digital Scrapbooking Day

Well ... scrapbookers around the world have a holiday. National Scrapbooking Day is in May each year. Looks like Digi-Scrappers will have a day of our own to celebrate too. Digital Scrapbooking Day will be the first Saturday in November each year. This holiday will start with a bang on November 3, 2007.
For more information on Digital Scrapbooking Day please check out the information provided by Susan White (Director of Marketing for Triscape) at the DSD blog ..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No More Training Wheels

I did this layout up for the Picture This challenge at Digitals. I had a ton of fun creating it. I combined two templates created by Simply Sarah. I used Amanda Thorderson's Songs of Hope kit. I took these pictures today while we were all outside. Here is what the journaling says ...
Today was a day of firsts! When the day started I sent the boys outside to play with their friends. They wanted to ride their bikes, so I got them out. They were riding with Wesley, Daniel and Jason. A little while later Andrew came in to tell me that Daniel had taken off Wesley's training wheels. I wasn't sure that was such a good idea, but he did just fine without them. A few minutes later Cody said he wanted to learn to ride without his training wheels too. I had him use one of the extra bikes that we have, since it had no training wheels. He did great.
BJ didn't want to learn, he was scared. I finally got him to agree to try, but he wanted to use his green bike, not one of the extra ones. We compromised. He used Cody's green bike after I took the training wheels off. I didn't even get a chance to teach him what to do. He hopped right on the bike and started going. He did a fabulous job too! Now there are no more training wheels in our house. They are all big boys now!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ADSR2 -- Challenges 8 & 9

Challenge 8 for the Amazing Race was a tough one for me. Finding the pictures was a real challenge. I managed to find ones from when I was a teenager pretty easily; had to scan them in, but I found them easily. They aren't the greatest pictures in the world; but who has the greatest pictures from when they were a teenager. Not many people back then. Anyway ... finding current pictures was more difficult. I am always taking the pictures. Especially when I am with Mariah ... well, she takes pictures too, but nobody takes pictures of us together! I decided to use a picture of me holding Mariah's new baby and a picture of her when she was pregnant. We were at the bowling alley and she was taking pictures of the boys and Mackenzie bowling. She and I love to take pictures and do so as often as we can, especially when we are together. Maybe some day we will be able to get someone to take a picture of us together. For this layout I chose to mix a bunch of things together. The background paper, journaling page and star are from Amanda Thorderson's A New Baby Boy kit. The wordart is from Tracy Dane, Kikibug and TartzScrapz. They were all freebie downlaods from awhile ago. I love wordart, so I have quite a collection. Font is Velvet Script. Full page journaling reads as follows:
The meaning of friendship changes as we get older, along the same lines as we do. When I was in high school I spent a lot of my free time hanging out with Leslie Erpelding. She and I were inseparable. We played Volleyball together and did Chorus together as well. She was a year ahead of me in school, so we didn't have classes together, except for Chorus, but we got to spend lunch period together. The photos below show just how goofy we could be when we wanted to. Luckily there was someone around to take pictures of us, even if it was to embarass us with them later. Leslie was there for me no matter what. She helped me through boy troubles and parent problems and I did the same for her. She was even nice enough to help me learn how to drive. The things we talked about back then don't seem all that important now, but they were back then. I am married now and have children of my own ... all boys of course, so I won't have to deal with them and "girl talk". Every girl needs someone to talk to though, a place to vent her frustrations. I found that person again a few years ago. Being a military family we don't live in the same place for very long. That makes it hard to find real friends. Mariah is a great friend though. She and I cn spend hours on the phone talking about nothing. I dont' know what I would ahve done without her during Mitch's last deployment; or what I will do witout her during the upcoming deployment. She still lives in Mannheim, but we are stationed in Baumholder now. It is a 70 minute drive to get to her house, Luckily we still have the telephone and instant messaging. Thank God for the computer. It is a necessity that I talk to her every day. She knows just what to say when I am mad or frustrated with my children, or upset because of something that Mitch has said or done. She is a real sweetheart. Our normal conversations are more about our kids and life in the military than anything else, but its great to be able to talk with someone who knows what I am going through. Not many people understand the life of a military wife. Its great when you connect with someone who does. I'm glad I found Mariah!

This is the layout that I created for the ADSR2 Challenge #9. We had to scrap about our most embarrassing moment. I don't know if its my most embarrassing moment .. but its the only one I can think of at the moment, so it will have to do. We had to use at least one ribbon, a tag and 2 different fonts while creating this page.
For my layout I used a kit called PopTart ... available at Elemental Scraps. Its one of the kits that I purchased with the gift certificate we were given for completing a previous challenge in this race. The fonts that I used are Kids First Print Font, Lindsay Beehive and Velvet Script. It's A Date Stamp Set by Teriann Hanks @ DSO.

This is what the journaling says:

Lunchtime at the Elementary School is usually a fun thing to see. But not always. There was one day in May, during the year Andrew was in Kindergarten. I was at the school volunteering, like most days. It was time for lunch and ice cream was on the menu for dessert. The lunch ladies had forgotten to give Andrew's class their ice cream when they picked up their trays. The lady working the register gave me the box of ice cream and told me to make sure that all of the students with hot lunch got their ice cream. I handed the cups to all of Andrew's class and the class that shared the tables with them. Then I went to the other tables and started handing the ice cream cups to the third Kindergarten class. I had given it to almost the entire class when their teacher's aide threw a fit. She had purposely made sure that her class didn't get the ice cream cups when they went through the line. She was really mad at me for giving it to them and made me take it all back. I was so embarrassed. I had only been doing what I was told to do, but she made it like I had done something incredibly wrong. I felt so bad for the kids in her class. Especially when I was taking the ice cream back that I had given them I shouldn't have been embarrassed, I only did what I was told. I honestly don't know if I was more embarrassed or upset at the whole situation Probably a bit of both. After taking the ice cream cups back from her students I took the box back to the counter and went to eat by Andrew. I hope tha tI never have to go through anything like that ever again. It was not fun!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Digitals Challenge Layouts

Along with the Amazing Race, Digi Scrapping, 2; I am also working on completing this month's challenges over at Digitals. I do my best each month to get all of the challenges done. It keeps me motivated to scrap and also earns me great kits for free. The two layouts above are from the August Scraplift Challenge and the August Sketch challenge. Here are the original images that were used as inspiration:

The layout on the left was created by Amanda Risende and was chosen as one of the scraplift choices for this month. I really liked this layout, the way it used so many photos and was a bit grungy. I didn't go with the grungy feel when I did the lift, but I did use the same photo concept. For my layout I used Sharia Braxton's Little Boy Blue kit. The photos on the layout were from Friday, August 3, 2007. The boys had a ball making faces for the camera while they were outside playing with Mitch.

The layout on the right was a sketch template created by Jen Maceunas at Digitals. The sketch was available for purchase as a template in the store, but I didn't do that. I just created my layout based on the sketch. I used Sharia Braxton's Little Boy Blue for this layout also. Photos on the layout are from Sunday, August 5, 2007. They were taken at the park in Mannheim after dropping Mitch off at the airport.